Black WristReader


Off the Cuff Optics' unique WristReader is an innovative reading bracelet that enables you to keep your readers conveniently and stylishly within reach, all the time! It is not meant to replace your traditional readers, but instead, to complement them when you are out and about, on the go.

 Size, Fit and Material

One size fits most faces, gently hugging your temples, and fits wrists up to 7.5 inches

Optical quality, polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistant coating

Magnification strengths: +1.50 (Low), +2.00(Mid), +2.50 (High)

One inch wide and weighs just 3/4 ounce

Soft, flexible and durable material with a proprietary magnetic clasping system so you can wrap and fasten your readers around your wrist -- or anything close-by.

Sticks magnetically to anything metal

Made in the USA, US patents issued and pending



Category: black

Type: Wristreader

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